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Used Dodge Avenger in Coquitlam, BC

    Used Dodge Avenger in Coquitlam, BC

  • Rated the Best-Priced Car in its Class
  • Available in sedan and coupe models
  • Engine options including turbocharged configurations
  • Spacious interior and aerodynamic frame

Take on the road with a car that takes corners and accelerates with a penchant for leaving an impression wherever it goes. The Dodge Avenger is a reliable car that has served to forward the Dodge name for years by presenting drivers with a finely tuned performance-inspired car. More than that, with all the awards that follow the Avenger nameplate you can bet that this is a car that will give you the refined controls to drive better than ever before.

With top-of-its-segment features, the Dodge Avenger makes no compromises across its generations on providing a fun, comfortable experience. With turbocharged engine configuration options and an almost-excess of style, the used Dodge Avengers are now available for you to test drive at Coquitlam Chrysler. Come down and take one of these great, sporty cars for a drive today!

Used Dodge Avenger

Used Dodge Avenger Models

Reminiscent of the era of muscle cars, the Dodge Avenger provides a quality drive that doesn't skimp on highlighting details that make it stand out even more. A suspension and frame built expressly for getting you where you're going without complaint. The power you'll gain from the impressive 2.4-Litre World I-4 engine is sure to give you the edge over the competition.

Coupled with the 2.4-Litre World I-4 engine is a practical 173 Horsepower. Engineered with dual overhead cam and a displacement of 3.46 in (88 mm) and highlights by an additional variant engine that offers as much as 285 horsepower from a turbocharged configuration and specific trim level, you'll definitely understand what the Avenger was designed to do.

Experience the Avenger

An aerodynamic body that cuts down on drag and improves on performance, this modern car is sure to get you that heart-pounding acceleration that you're looking for. Note that the headlights on the Avenger have been optimized to get you through even the most treacherous weather conditions and keep you visible while you do it.

This is a car that you'll want to take on longer drives. This is the vehicle you won't want to leave after all your driving is said and done. The recent generation ran from 2007-2014 enjoys select features that stood against the test of time and provided drivers with that elevated experience you were hoping for. Highly customizable, the Avenger comes with a variety of interior features and 6-speed automatic transmission possibilities.

A Performance-Inspired Vehicle

Dodge has always been a company that has seen what's available today and imagined what will be available in the future. Is it any wonder that modern cars in the same segment as the Avenger resemble what it started all those years ago?

Standard LED combination tail lights have made their way onto the 2011 and newer versions of the Avenger. Add to this a 6.5-inch navigation/media screen made available for drivers who want more control and technological options on their drive as well as the ability to start up with the touch of a button. Test drive it today at Coquitlam Chrysler!

Coquitlam Chrysler - Your Dealership for Used Dodge Avenger in Coquitlam

It has been our privilege to continue offering friendly service that, after you've experienced it, will convince you why Coquitlam Chrysler is the ideal dealership for all your automotive needs. Stop by our 2960 Christmas Way location or contact us through our phone line at 1 (888) 964-7905. We look forward to seeing you soon!