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Used Mazda 3

Used Mazda 3 in Coquitlam, BC

  • A Compact Car with Luxury-Features
  • New Direct-Injection Engine on Recent Models
  • Affordable, Efficient, and Style in One Amazing Package
  • FWD with 5- and 6-Speed Transmission Options
  • Fuel Economy up to 4.7L/100 km Highway

A car that needs nearly no introduction, the Mazda3 entered the scene in 2003 and since then has continued to dominate the compact car segment. It does this in a variety of ways, from the stylish look and eager lines that run across the elongated-frame and sculpted cabin, to the efficient engine and options between 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback. Newer models have been dutifully equipped with new 6-speed transmission, direct-injection engine, and SkyActiv technologies. Truly a great time for a car that has so much to offer, there isn't a model over the three-generations of Mazda3 vehicles that hasn't stood in the limelight and enjoyed its share of accolades and praise from drivers the world over. Come and see this fantastic line of vehicles today at Coquitlam Chrysler, your dealership for the Mazda3. Take one for a test drive and see for yourself what has made this one of the best vehicles for three generations straight.

White Mazda3 Coquitlam BC

Find the Right Mazda3 at the Right Dealership - Coquitlam Chrysler

When you start your search for a used Mazda3 let Coquitlam Chrysler assist you. Take a moment to look over our fantastic models online using our up-to-date inventory page. At Coquitlam Chrysler we believe in making your search as simple and convenient as possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in reaching out to our team, we'll be happy to help you through every step in order to ensure you get the right vehicle for your needs.

Mazda 3 Interior Coquitlam BC

Over the Years - What Makes the Mazda3 so Amazing

What many will notice when beginning their search for the Mazda3 is how many options there were across the globe, with models tailored to every market. Whether you were in Europe, Asia, or North America, you were treated to a model of this amazing vehicle that had been carefully considered and optimized to ensure that every area was getting the features they needed not simply rebranding the car without the features to give it the edge it deserves.

Used Mazda 3 Coquitlam BCWith engine options that include a variety of 4-cylinder engines, and FWD, you get a lot of pep and control on a car that has the style guide to take the spotlight away from the rest of the segment. A performance-trim models that complement these 2.0L and 2.5L enjoyed on the second generation (2008-2013), the Mazda3 continues to stand out, well into its third generation (2013-present)

Used Silver Grey Mazda3 Coquitlam BCThis is one element that has earned understandable praise from drivers who have purchased a vehicle released in North America, both Canada and the Unites States, which had not received the adequate testing to assure it can handle the sometimes volatile change in climate. This is one thing you will not have to worry about when you get behind the wheel of this forward-thinking machine.

Coquitlam Chrysler - Your Dealership for the Used Mazda3

Join us at Coquitlam Chrysler today at 2960 Christmas Way in Coquitlam, British Columbia and learn more about the Mazda3. When you've found one that fits your needs and style choices take it for a test drive. If you have any questions don't hesitate in contacting our fantastic team online or by phone at 1 (888) 964-7905. We look forward to seeing you soon!